Don Enkerud
Consulting Hypnotist


Hypnosis is emerging in the 21st century, as a powerful, beneficial, safe and cost effective method to assist with a multitude of personal problems and wishful desires.  Like massage and acupuncture, hypnosis is recognized as an incredibly effective tool for personal change, well being and continued health.

Welcome!  Please explore how hypnosis can help an individual reach full potential.  Because it is such an accessible solution, it’s an ideal choice for individuals to choose for themselves - or with their physician’s assistance.

What makes us different from others is our steadfast commitment to coordination with your physician (if needed), and the methodology we use, which achieves lasting change, quickly and effectively.

“…hypnosis is increasingly being used to help with everything from quitting smoking to recalling lost memories.”

Sam Donaldson

-Primetime Live, 12/95-

Hypnosis Works!